Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a plant which is frequently used for herbal medicine purposes. Its extract can be used to produce gel, juice, and other forms. These are taken by individuals for a variety of reasons, from relief of symptoms to cure and prevention of various diseases and medical conditions.


This gel is used topically, and is often put on burns, skin infections, skin inflammation, wounds, and other skin conditions (dermatologic conditions). Products for hair growth and for fighting acne are also sold. Now, even particular and specialized products such as 100% pure aloe vera gel and organic versions are marketed. Are these benefits and uses real, or are they simply quackery and hype?

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This plant's juice is taken orally for a wide variety of medical conditions, a few of which are: heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and constipation. Along with plain juice, products such as aloe vera water and various drinks, yogurt, and others are also available for consumption. Suggested benefits from the juice are plentiful - are they legitimate, too?

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Side effects and precautions

Warnings are given regarding using aloe vera in certain situations, and due to certain side effects. Injections of any form of the plant are to be avoided, and have been associated in fatal cases, although their role in the situations is unclear.

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Aloe vera gel and other products from the plant are known to interact or may have the possibility to cause interactions with certain medications, as well as some other herbs and dietary supplements.

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Other names

The aloe vera plant has been used by many throughout a number of centuries, and has picked up some additional names along the way. Some are scientific names (like Aloe barbadensis), others foreign (lu-hui), and many are English ones used as descriptions (burn plant). Maybe you'll even see one of these synonyms on a product container at your local store!

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